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Funktionsgriff Caravan Boot


Functional interior fittings

Fittings for the interior of caravans or motor homes as well as for boat interiors, must be tailored to the specific requirements of the industry. Handles and knobs for example have an integrated locking function. We offer a wide standard range of functional handles and knobs with matching, innovative locking systems, door entry handles, handle bars, coat hooks and door handles.

In close cooperation with our customers, we also develop customised exclusive solutions for interior design, also in terms of lighting and electrification, railing systems, glass wall and mirror holders and much more.

Function knob Cabinet Caravan
Einstiegsgriff im Caravan


Available for any wish

New ideas, wishes or even problems often arise during the development or work process. It is important then to find the optimal solution for a perfect result. Specifially in the caravan, boat and leisure sector, these solutions are more in demand than ever, because only those who stand out from the crowd can offer their customers a solution that is precisely tailored to their needs. We develop and find this solution together with you and are available for every project!



Caravan | Boat

You can find detailed information in our current catalogue, which you can easily download here as a PDF file.

Catalogue Caravan | Boat



Our new Push-To-Open locking system not only revolutionises the installation of locks and functional knobs, but also enables the implementation of new and proven designs with particularly precise and quiet operation thanks to its patented design.

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