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DESKLIFE Konferenzraum


Doppel-Kabeldurchführung mit Multi-Hub

All-round care

The basis for the optimal use of conference and work tables is still the cable management. Our solutions from the DESKLIFE range not only fulfil the task to organise and tidy up wired devices. Much more, they always provide a clean power and data supply with a wide variety of individually designed connectivity options. Whether open on the surface, concealed under a flap or in discreet channels under the surface: our range keeps the table tidy while meeting all demands of modern design and workmanship.



Functional equipment
for workstations

With our support systems for monitors and partitions, workstations are designed functionally and ergonomically. The systems can either be permanently installed in the desk or with clamp fasteners, that way offering a wide range of mounting and attachment options. Our range includes a wide variety of monitor holders and arms, storage surfaces and organizer boxes, as well as clamps for cable routing. In this way, workstations can be individually designed.




You can find detailed information on our products in our catalogue, which you can easily download here as a PDF file.

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